Vendors (Sellers & Suppliers)

Consupro offers web services to help Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) show their products and sell securely online to other businesses with advanced technology tools, full transaction capabilities and online order processing & management.

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Consupro gives Corporate Buyers the ability to do business with member Vendors online and helps streamline the procurement process while reducing costs and improving productivity. Membership is free for buyers. Register once, select your Vendors and place secure online orders with multiple Vendors in one session.

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Sales Reps

Consupro gives Sales Reps visibility into Vendors' latest product information allowing them to guide customers to order what is deliverable. This makes the follow-up process far more efficient. Consupro streamlines business beginning with order approval and ending with shipment tracking.

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Introducing THEXCH!

Consupro is pleased to announce the beta release of our latest project. THEXCH will operate in concert with Consupro to increase our members' visibility and accessibility on the Internet. Whether your organization specializes in business to business or business to consumer, for profit or nonprofit endeavors, THEXCH will help you get noticed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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